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What To Know Before Your First Hair Dye - OMAKAZI BEAUTY

What To Know Before Your First Hair Dye

Whether you want a gentle and natural color or daring rainbow one, it's safe to say hair dyeing has become a significant form of personal expression. While the thought of getting your ideal color goals is thrilling, things might be a little hard when dying your hair for the first time. Unlike lightened or color-treated hair, dying virgin hair can be a delicate operation that takes devotion and care.

However, while the process may appear scary and hard to accomplish, you must understand that dying virgin hair for the first time (especially if you plan on going from dark to light) is doable without destroying your strands. Be assured there is no reason to be terrified of a little color.

Here are six tips to remember before you start your coloring exploration.

Conduct research

You're already on the correct track if you're reading this article. Whether you color at home or in a salon, getting right in without any preparation is not advisable. As such, finding the correct tools or colorist for your specific hair type is important. 

So, if you are coloring at the salon, it's vital to find the appropriate person, preferably someone who specializes in color. Make sure the colorist you will have experience with and look at their work.

Also, always consider what color change you are going for; ask yourself if this is something you'll have to keep up with regularly, and if so, are you prepared to do so?

Consider your natural hair color

Your natural hair color will influence how the dye looks and how much time is required to achieve the desired shade. For example, achieving a lighter tint may require more time and work if you have dark hair. It may be easier to get a darker hue if you have lighter hair. Consult your stylist to establish what is feasible for your hair.

Hydrate your hair before coloring.

Before you get started, make sure you hydrate your hair. Believe it or not, well-hydrated hair can make all the difference in getting the perfect hair color. To prepare your hair for coloring, consider applying a hydrating hair mask, leave-in conditioner, or wash with a clarifying shampoo for colored hair a day or two before the big day. 

This will help plump up your hair's follicles and provide a smooth, moisturized base for the hair dye to adhere to. And don't stop there. After you've applied your hair color, make sure to continue using hydrating products to avoid breakage.

Choosing the right hair dye

Look for natural hair colors and avoid ones containing ammonia or bleach. You must also pick a hair color appropriate for your hair type. If you have dry or damaged hair, use a semi-permanent hair dye that will not strip your hair of its natural oils. If your hair is in good condition, a permanent hair dye may be your best option.

Perform a patch test

A patch test should be performed before applying the hair dye to your head. This test will tell you whether you are allergic to the color or whether it will irritate your scalp. Simply apply the color to a tiny portion of your hair and leave it on for 24 hours. Do not use the full color if you notice any itching or irritation.

Remember the aftercare

Maintaining your new color is critical regardless of how you color your hair. Whether you color your hair at home or in a salon, investing in color-preserving products will help avoid color fading and damage. And the easiest method to do it is to use hair treatments created specifically for color-treated hair.

You can use color-safe shampoos and hydrating conditioners. Moisturizing masks and nourishing shampoos will keep your color looking fresh and great. These products can improve the appearance and feel of your hair while extending your color's life. 

So, go ahead and enjoy your new color with assurance

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